Lodestone Wine & Olives

Olives & Other Products

Olive Oil grown and produced at Lodestone Wine Farm in Plett



An olive orchard has been established at Lodestone from scratch with a number of olive varieties, including leccino, frantoio, coratina, mission, koraneiki and FS 17. These varieties have been specifically chosen because of their suitability for olive oil production rather than table olives. Blending of the various oils will allow different styles of olive oil to be produced.

Lodestone has acquired its own olive press which was commissioned for production in early 2016. It is the only olive press in the greater Plett area and as a result Lodestone has pressed olives for other local producers as well.


Other products

At Lodestone we grow honey bush tea, a fynbos-type plant that does particularly well (and grows naturally) in our environment.

Honey bush is processed as a herbal tea and is also used in a number of health products. It has strong anti- oxidant properties and demand for it is growing internationally. There are a number of studies currently underway into its use medically as well.

We also grow king proteas (wild proteas occur in abundance on our estate) which are sold into the local market.